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Members of the House Republican Caucus

There are 53 members of the House Republican caucus hailing from every part of the state. Their diverse experiences and backgrounds provide them with perspective that provides the foundation for sound policy decisions.

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Democrats have held majorities in the House of Representatives for decades, and their policies have left Connecticut's economy struggling while other states improved. Contribute online to our fight to install new leadership! Or mail your contribution with this form.

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The mission of the House Republican Campaign Committee is simple: WIN ELECTIONS. It is our fundamental belief that with the right candidates, the right strategy, the right political climate, and the right funding, the vision of a House Republican majority in Connecticut can be realized. To do this, we must recruit and train the best candidates, maintain a professional and enthusiastic political staff, and provide the highest level of campaign resources. In a state where our opposition enjoys a decided numerical advantage, the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) must work more diligently and intelligently if we are to fulfill our mission. With the financial support of people who believe, like us, that common-sense leadership must be restored at the Capitol, we will accomplish our mission.



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Are you interested in running for state representative, or would you like to play a supporting role in getting Republican candidates elected? Use the form below to send us a message!

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Contact Us by Mail

P.O. Box 238

Hartford, CT 06101

Legislative Caucus Information

Interested in policy-related activity from House Republican lawmakers? Visit them on the web, or call the caucus office in Hartford:

860-240-8700 or 800-842-1423

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