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Their campaign mailers won't say it, but Democrats in Hartford want to increase your taxes

Their proposals have made that clear.


HB 5090 Democrats proposed a capital gains surcharge of 1.5% on the net gain from the sale of capital assets.



HB 6443 Revenue proposal from the Democrat-controlled Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee.

This bill proposed a consumption tax, a 2% capital gains surcharge.


HB 5274 Democrats Proposed a 1.5% tax on capital gains


SB 82  Proposal included a 2% tax on residential property exceeding 1.5 million in value, and a 5% capital gains tax.

SB 173 This bill from Democrats proposed a surcharge of 1% on gains from sale of capital assets


HB 6187 Among other policies, this bill from Democrats proposed to establish a 5% surcharge on capital gains.



SB 28  Proposed a 1% capital gains tax surcharge on the net gain from the sale or exchange of capital assets.

This Election Day, don't give them another ally in the
state's House of Representatives.

Vote Republican. 

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